Hair Extensions & Weave


In the every day ***GLAM*** world of celebrities, changing their hair is just as important as changing their clothes and their style! So whether the celebrity is looking for a subtle, curly, straight, or even a wild, fun, and crazy style to shock the fashion world, they often rely on hair extensions to get that unforgettable look and lengthen those tresses.

Why are hair extensions so popular among Hollywood celebrities and the everyday woman? Because hair extensions amazingly change the hairstyle, hair length and color in just a matter of hours. In addition, hair extensions serve more than one purpose. They are also great because they can hide certain hair problems like bad haircuts, damaged hair, thinning hair, or simply to change the hairstyle or hair length.

Let’s face it, image and appearance is very important to a celebrity. They always have to look their best, as their glowing image is a career essential, and they know cameras are around every corner! That’s exactly why the hair extensions trend is very popular among celebrities. With the help of a great stylist, these hair extensions can be done properly and dramatically improve anyone’s appearance!

Here are a few celebrities that have been spotted with hair extensions:

Vanessa Hudgens improved her hairstyle and hair length with hair extensions. Her hair looks absolutely stunning. The hair is very long and wavy and suits her remarkable style.

Miley Cyrus added extensions to her beautiful hair and she looked striking. The extension added length to her hair and had a very natural wavy look.

Lauren Conrad got hair extensions to lengthen her hair and add a little bit more volume. Her hair looks very glamorous with hair extensions, which give her a more mature look.


Britney Spears wore hair extensions before and after she decided to shave her head. She needed to get hair extensions because she is one celebrity who looks much better with longer tresses, versus short! Of course, Britney can totally rock any look!

Victoria Beckham got hair extensions before she decided to get the bob haircut. She had long hair extensions that made her look very feminine and stylish.

Paris Hilton likes to change her hairstyle from medium to long and hair extensions can do that very quickly.

Blake Lively has lovely blonde hair. She added extensions to make it appear more dazzling and she certainly succeeded.

Hair extensions are great and can offer the hair length you need in just a few hours. They are a great option for women who don’t have the patience to grow out their natural hair or who desire a drastic change in hairstyle. Choose the type of hair extensions you think would suit you best and you will look gorgeous.



In the Fall of 2015, Tess Tims will launch her very own customized weave line! This line will offer hair of every texture specializing in African-American, European, Hispanic, and Asian hair, and much, much more. The hair textures offered through the Tess Tims customized line cannot be purchased in beauty supply stores. As a matter of fact, Tess individually creates many of the textured styles herself!

The following hair extensions will be offered:

1) Hand-tied hair

2) Keratin-Protein bond extensions

3) Clip-on extensions

The Tess Tims customized weave line will include hair in every color, texture, and style! We cannot wait to see you wearing our beautiful, stunning,  customized textured hair. The HAIR-A-BRATION starts in the Fall of 2015!!