About Us


If you are experiencing hair loss, Tess Tims International is here to satisfy you so you can live a happy, normal life. This means rebuilding confidence and self-esteem by creating a natural look with state-of-the art non-surgical hair restoration.

Our Services Include:

Comprehensive Client Consultation
Custom-Made Human Hair Wigs (Top of the Head or Full-Head Hair System)
Non-Surgical Hair Duplication
Custom Cranial Prosthesis
Hair & Scalp Restoration
State-of-the-Art Hair Extensions
Chemical Services (Relaxer, Color, Perms, etc.)
Keratin Smoothing Treatments
Laser Treatments


Is Your Hair Thinning?

Are you taking any medications? Some medications actually cause side effects, including hair loss. Are you stressed? Losing a loved one can cause mental trauma long after the loss. Maybe you’re extremely busy, trying to fit it all in, both in your personal and business lives, with no time for yourself.

How you wear your hair can put stress on your scalp and hair follicles. Here are some common mistakes that can affect the life and longevity of your hair:

Improper use of styling tools
Tight hair weaves
Tight ponytails
Tight headbands

Are you suffering from abnormal hormonal issues?
Birth control, certain medications and different hormone fluctuations can cause hair loss. Please consult your primary care physician for blood testing.

 Is your hair thinning? Thinning hair is a common sign of aging, as natural hormone production declines.

Consult with your dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis. Once you have your diagnosis and/or prescription, come on in and we’ll start the journey to a more beautiful you.