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Director & #1 Best Selling Book Author

Tess Tims is a master hair stylist, salon professional, life transformation coach and educator. Like many of the people she’s touched and helped with her story, Tess knows what it is like to be a business owner who struggles to keep her head above water. At one point, she couldn’t pay a $42 water bill. However, Tess devised a plan that changed the game for her, her family and the countless Americans who suffer from hair loss.  Tess can help you defeat the odds and make the dream of SUCCESSFUL salon ownership a reality.

Tess Tims International Hair Replacement is proud to offer the latest innovations in cranial hair prostheses, custom-made wigs from personalized cranial molds that result in a beautiful, style-able head of hair and a comfortable fit. No one will suspect these are not your own luscious and luxurious locks.

Cranial hair prostheses are nothing new, they have been prescribed by doctors since the 1950s for medical conditions such as alopecia areata (spot baldness) alopecia totalis (total loss of head hair) and trichotillomania (hair pulling disorders), and for chemotherapy and other medical conditions resulting in hair loss.

What is new is the way Tims transforms temporary or long-term hair loss with fashionable hairstyles, giving you that natural, free-flowing look and your confidence back (without all the usual wig-related dilemmas) so you can look and feel your best every day!

Tess Tims International offers the latest in hair replacement technologies that outperform any other product. Soft, pliable, lightweight, cool and completely breathe-able, Tess Tims International features the best options for uncompromising comfort, fit, elegance and security.

Alopecia Areata Universalis is a condition where no hair is visible on the entire body. It’s the most dramatic case of hair loss. While virtually no cure exists, great gains are being made in cosmetic solutions. Tess Tims International ensures your satisfaction by combining a high level of esthetic realism with comfort and security.

TESTIMONIAL: In 1999 I was 29 years old and had just gotten married when I began to experience slow occurrences of hair loss at the crown of my head. My self-esteem plunged to an all-time low, but I could still count on the encouragement from my husband to explore different avenues to get my hair to grow back. I tried hair growth oils, scalp stimulation and even visited a few dermatologists. One dermatologist diagnosed me with alopecia, which is hereditary in my family.

In March of 2000 I became pregnant with my son and my hair loss increased due to the hormonal changes. I lost all of my ambition, did not care how I looked and just pulled my hair back to cover the thinning areas. I even dyed my hair jet-black to cover up the gaps.

Then my babysitter told me about a beautician who specialized in hair loss and hair replacement and she gave me her business card. That’s when I met Tess Tims and my life completely changed. 

Since becoming her client, I have had the opportunity of creating the looks I only dreamed about. I now have the option of wearing my hair long or short, curly or straight, and it is a great feeling to actually have my life and my looks back. 

I am now featured in Tess’s brochure. When I was approached about the photo shoot, I thought Tess was just joking because I could never do something like that. But the photo shoot revealed to me just how beautiful I really am! My husband loves the new changes in me and how confident I have become. The hair replacement kit has given him his wife back, the person he first knew. This hair replacement system has truly been a lifesaver for me. I feel so much better about myself and it is a great feeling to actually feel like a whole woman again. —Rachelle

Tess is a premier educator of hair restoration techniques. Her training is available to national beauty schools and their graduates.

Tess Tims excels in two worlds in the salon industry. A master hair stylist and salon professional as well as a life transformation coach and educator, she’s been able to blend her two areas of expertise to help other salon owners prosper and thrive. Like many of the people she’s touched and helped with her story, Tess knows what it is like to be a business owner who struggles to keep her head above water. At one point, she couldn’t even pay a $42 water bill. Now that Tess is flourishing, she’s devised a plan to not only change the lives of countless Americans who suffer from hair loss, but change the fates of countless salon professionals so they can beat the odds, think like wealthy entrepreneurs and make the dream of SUCCESSFUL Salon Ownership a reality.

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